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Learn more about our mission and vision to simply to show God's love to others, in honor of Kaylie and Tyler!


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Deb Hadley - Inspirational Speaker
Mother of Kaylie and Tyler




KT Humble Hearts Foundation was started in honor of Kaylie Hogue an Tyler Hadley. Tyler is the son of Deb and Scott Hadley and Kaylie is the daughter of Deb and stepdaughter of Scott.  Kaylie passed suddenly on June 5, 2013 from a condition known as SUDEP (Sudden Unexpected Death From Epilepsy), the direct result of an epileptic seizure. And just nine months and two day later on March 7th, 2014 Tyler passed suddenly, as the result of a car accident. Shortly after Kaylie's passing, her family decided they, by God's grace, were going to turn tragedy into triumph...and KT Humble Hearts Foundation was born. The original vision of KTHHF was to raise money for..... However when Tyler passed the vision became so much more then that. Both Kaylie and Tyler had a great capacity to love. They shared a fierce love with not only their family and friends, but with many who came in contact with them on a daily basis. The vision of KTHHF became to simply share that love and the love of God in honor of Kaylie and Tyler. God has opened many doors for KTHHF to do just that and many people and families have felt the overwhelming love of God through the work of KT Humble Hearts Foundation.